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As a TECHNOLOGY FOCUSED Company Eazemax understands that all IT solutions are not standard- while they may be made up of standard components, the solution as a whole is custom. To achieve the desired outcomes, the solution has to be defined, designed and configured to satisfy your business and IT requirements. And it also has to coexist and blend in effectively with your existing technology infrastructure environment.

With IT advisory services, you gain access to our real-world knowledge and expertise as well as industry best practices. We help you navigate your transformation journey to address the business challenges you face using technology. Our consulting services span the entire business life-cycle and encompass people, processes, and technology offerings to provide strategic clarity, process optimization, organisational readiness, and governance support.

There are a host of readily available IT solutions to choose from. But will they really address your business challenges? How will they fit into your IT infrastructure? And how will you know you will achieve a good return of your investment?

This is where our IT solution design practice will prove its value to you. Our team of experts look further than IT – armed with a broad business and technological understanding; we can talk to you about your business in your own terms. Working with you in a collaborative fashion, we’ll undertake a thorough assessment of your problems … in the context of your current business and IT environment. We’ll use these insights to define your options and the opportunities that exist for resolution and improvement on your technology environment, based on a business case approach. After discussing the available option with you, we’ll proceed with a high level design of the solution, together with an architectural implementation roadmap and migration strategy.

When it comes to IT solution design, Eazemax’s depth and breadth of technology expertise is what sets us apart. Our expertise spans a broad range of technology domains, including Enterprise Mobile ServicesBio-metric Data Capture e-Payment IntegrationsPoint of Sale ServicesContact Center Solutions and Human Resources SolutionsContact us to find out more about our expertise in IT solution design.

Our expertise spans a broad range of technology domains, including:

  • Enterprise Mobile Services
  • Bio-metric Data Capture
  • e-Payment Integrations
  • Point of Sale Services
  • Contact Center Solutions and Human Resources Solutions

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Over the years, EAZEMAX have continuously enacted a spirit of professionalism through service delivery with a constant pursuit for excellence. Our people do things the ‘EazeMax Way’, with a value system that promotes integrity, hard work, honesty and a professional spirit of service towards our clients

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