Solution Design and Redeployment

We Design new solutions for your business requirements, based on best practice designs and templates that are aligned to multi-vendor technology architectures.

We ensure your IT deployments are on time and in budget and We help you to confidently architect, design, deliver, and deploy your solutions


We use our expert knowledge of technology to find the most appropriate options and convert them into solutions that deliver measurable value to address your business challenges. By using development models and methodologies, we’re able to provide longer life-cycle designs that perform to expectation and align to business outcomes.

We design IT solution that move your organisation forward. Our investment in strong relationships with top-tier IT vendors provides us with an insight into, and superior understanding of, our partners’ emerging technologies and road maps. This results in a design that has a longer lifecycle and delivers greater value to address your IT and business challenges.

Our designs are created to:

  • address organisational requirements, including security, as captured during the definition phase of the engagement
  • deliver best practice based on technology reference architectures
  • ensure consideration of cross-vendor solutions where most appropriate


Our Deployment Services give you access to the expertise you need when it’s time to roll out your IT infrastructure. You can leverage our highly experienced technical resources and extensive vendor support to confidently architect, design, deliver, and deploy solutions and projects across a wide base of industry best practices and vendor technologies.

Deployment Services are fundamental to delivering the technology outcomes you expect. We have over 1,200 professional services engineers with more than 11,000 vendor certifications. This gives you access to the broadest set of readily available skills when you need them. Thanks to our global footprint, we can deploy solutions directly in 49 countries, extending to over 100 countries through our managed preferred partners. Our Deployment Services include staging and installation of physical technology, configuration and integration, as well as testing, training, and handover to operations for ongoing successful usage and adoption.

Stage and install

  • technical planning, physical installation, testing, and commissioning of equipment
  • technical assessment, design, and implementation services ensure that the technology is properly installed, deployed, and optimised

Configuration and integration

  • configure and integrate systems, networks, communications, and any other required components specified in the low-level design


  • executed post-install and prior to live commissioning of the system, either at your site or in an appropriate staging environment

Handover and training

  • provides all of the required documentation and information at the successful conclusion of your project
  • your operational team is fully briefed, supported, and enabled on the as-built system

Our Deployment Services can either form an integral part of your project delivery or it can used to provide technical expertise and support for limited periods.

Our Design Services consist of three offerings:

  • High-level design describes all major components of the solution and how they conceptually work together to deliver value to your organisation. It includes the architecture for the proposed implementation including platforms, systems, services, and processes.
  • Low-level design creates a design document with all the details needed for the implementation of the high-level design including configuration, security, performance, and scalability parameters.
  • Proof of concept delivers a scaled model of the working solution put together in either a lab or at one of your sites in order to trial the solution before the full deployment.

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